“I was furloughed from my job at [Michigan State University]. On May 29, I applied for unemployment and, nearly six weeks later, I still haven’t received any payments.

“My understanding is that [Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency] is 45 days behind in processing requests of information. UIA sent me an ROI due to a question which I responded to… regarding sick leave pay. I’ve completed and submitted the ROI through my [Michigan Web Account Manager] portal and have confirmed that my employer responded to the ROI approving it with no dispute on June 4.

“I have repeatedly tried to contact UIA by sending messages through my MiWam portal, using the chat and calling the phone number. They don’t respond to the messages. The chat doesn’t even connect and the phone disconnects. UIA is unreachable.

“I have reached out to my state representative and senator to report these issues, both of whom have responded to me, and my state rep’s office contacted UIA on my behalf on June 25. Even with that, I have had no response from UIA.

“Monday, I will certify for the third time and will again receive a confirmation stating my funds will be deposited in 24 hours, but they won’t.

“Apparently the ROI is what is holding up my funds and it is hard for me to understand how it is acceptable for UIA to be a month and a half behind processing the ROI’s and paying claims.

“I am frustrated to say the least, but I am one of the fortunate ones in that I am not a one-income household. For the time being we are able to cover our bills.

“It is unacceptable that Michigan residents who are unemployed due to the pandemic, are in financial crisis because the state’s unemployment insurance agency is inefficient, ineffective and unreachable. It’s just a waiting game at this point.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that UIA is unreachable. It is absolutely unacceptable that UIA is 45 days behind in processing ROI’s. Supposedly, according to my state rep, the leadership of UIA changed nearly a month ago but there doesn’t seem to be any improvement.

“My situation is a very simple fix. If I could contact them, it could be resolved in 10 minutes. Yet here I sit. Six weeks and no payments.

“How many thousands of Michiganders like myself are having their unemployment payments held up six weeks for a 10-minute fix? And worse, how many of those thousands of people are the sole breadwinners for their families?

“The governor and legislature need to make this a top priority to clean up this mess and get us paid, and then pay all approved applicants in a timely manner going forward.”


Tara Miller
Charlotte, Michigan