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MI – House Bill 5373
Assigned To Committee

Balloon ban

Environmental protection: litter; releasing balloons into the atmosphere; prohibit, and provide penalties.
Introduced Oct. 6, 2021
House Bill 6504 & House Bill 6505

Taxpayer-funded film tax credit

The bills aim to create a program from Jan. 1, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2030, for commercials, film, television and streaming productions produced in Michigan. The bills, if enacted into law, would offer a 25% credit of direct production expenditures. If the production includes an approved “filmed in Michigan logo” or compensates Michigan employees, the...
Introduced 12/3/2020
Senate Bill 492
Assigned To Committee

Tax breaks for large corporations

Michigan has given three massive corporations more than $56 million in tax breaks since a new state program came online in 2017. That’s $42,000 per job. Thankfully, this failed program expired in 2019. But Senate Bill 492 would bring back the program and make it even bigger. SB 492 eliminates the expiration date and the...
Introduced on 9/4/2019
Senate Bill 0956
Sent to Governor

Stop housing COVID-positive patients in Michigan nursing homes

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is choosing to house COVID-positive seniors in nursing homes with those who are healthy. Nearly 90% of all Michigan deaths from COVID-19 are residents aged 60 years and older, so nursing homes house an especially vulnerable population. Thankfully, there is bipartisan support to stop this practice immediately. Senate Bill 956 would prevent...
Introduced on 6/3/2020
Senate Bill 716
Assigned To Committee

Limits to billion-dollar borrowing

Senate Bill 716 would automatically give lawmakers the chance to veto any bonding proposal of $100 million or more from the commission. Commonsense limits on massive bond deals would go a long way toward making sure Michigan’s debt burden doesn’t grow further out of hand.
Introduced on 1/14/2020
Senate Bill 0492
Assigned To Committee

Expanding Corporate Welfare

This bill was introduced to expand a failed tax incentive program to big business. Thus far, the program has cost taxpayers more than $57 million, with a cost of about $42,000 per job. This bill would lift the scheme’s spending cap and expand it indefinitely.
Introduced on 9/4/2019
House Bill 4781
Assigned To Committee

Corporate Income Tax Hike

House Bill 4781 is a tax hike on Michigan’s small businesses that create thousands of jobs. This plan includes a 2.5 percent corporate income tax hike and a flow-through parity tax of 4.25 percent. Higher taxes on Michigan’s small businesses cause reductions in employee benefits, such as healthcare, kill the jobs we all depend on...
Introduced on 6/26/2019
House Bill 5006
Assigned To Committee

Ban on Styrofoam

This bill will place a ban on the sale and distribution of polystyrene food packaging, packing materials, and certain other products. This ban could raise costs for consumers.
Introduced on 9/24/2019
House Joint Resolution - G
Assigned To Committee

Graduated Income Tax

A graduated income tax, also referred to as a progressive tax, imposes increasingly higher tax rates on middle and upper-income individuals. Governor Whitmer has said she supported and will consider a graduated income tax.
Introduced on 4/18/2019