Inflation threatens effort to ‘fix the damn roads’

Inflation threatens effort to ‘fix the damn roads’

Inflation has made current plans too expensive

As Michigan’s roads continue to deteriorate, Gov. Whitmer is increasingly being called out on her failure to “fix the damn roads”. Now plans to fix the roads have become so expensive that the state is reassessing plans.

“We are already so far behind in the amount of work that needs to get done in order to get our system back to a condition state that we all want.” Said Brad Wieferich director of MDOT’s Bureau of Development.

“While those increases don’t affect projects already bid out, they are causing MDOT officials to rethink elements of their five-year plan. State officials said they are pushing some projects out of the five-year program, lowering the amount of work on some projects and prioritizing locations with immediate needs.”

Inflation is hitting home in communities around the country. Rising food prices mean increased demand on Detroit-area foodbanks. “Everything is going up, and it’s hard,” said  Shenetha Collins, who relies on the foodbank. “It’s a struggle. I’m not going to sit up here and tell everyone that it’s not.” Meanwhile, vehicle repairs due to poor road conditions cost the average Michigander $648 per year. Current inflation will almost certainly drive that price higher.

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