6 stats that show Michigan’s “damn roads” still aren’t fixed

6 stats that show Michigan’s “damn roads” still aren’t fixed

Gov. Whitmer is struggling to deliver on her promise

1. Twitter data shows that Michigan has the worst roads in the country – and it’s the potholes that are putting the state at the top of the list. The metro Detroit area has worst roads in the states with some residents saying they need to change their tires or rims almost weekly due to damage.

2. More than a third of the roads in Michigan are considered in poor or mediocre condition3

3. In one study comparing roads by state, Michigan’s ranking dropped 10 places since 2020. That demonstrates that Michigan’s road conditions have deteriorated while they improved overall across the nation.

4. Consumer Affairs gave Michigan a D- on their Infrastructure Report Card, largely due to the state of the roads. They determined there were 1,219 bridges and over 7,300 miles of highway in poor condition.

5. A 2019 study found that vehicle repairs due to poor road conditions cost the average Michigander $648 per year. Current inflation will almost certainly drive that price higher6

6. Kirk Steudle, who served as director of the Michigan Department of Transportation for 13 years under Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder said “The rate of deterioration is exceeding the rate of the reconstructions.” So, don’t expect the roads to get better overall any time soon.

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