Seven things you can do to expand school choice in Michigan

Seven things you can do to expand school choice in Michigan

Michigan families deserve the school that’s right for them. It’s up to us to make sure it happens.

According to recent polling, Michigan parents support school choice more than ever – but it can be hard to know how to turn that support into meaningful change.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can contribute to the movement.

Here are seven things every Michigander can do to expand school choice in the Great Lakes state. Our goal is for these proposals to pass and become law — without needing the governor’s signatures — without having to appear on the ballot.

  • Support school choice initiatives. School choice advocates are circulating petitions to pass Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts into law after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed the program in November. With enough signatures, Michiganders can override the need for the governor’s permission. Michigan parents can learn more here and find out where you can pick up a petition in your area.
  • Contact your representative. Your representatives are there to ensure your voice is being heard – but they cannot amplify your voice if you aren’t using it. Find out who your representatives are and let them know that you’d like to see more bills on school choice being introduced and passed.
  • Write a letter to the editor. Members of your community may not have the latest – or most accurate – information on school choice. Some may not even know what it is. Write a letter to the editor in your local paper to educate voters on the possibilities of school choice.
  • Join with other parents. Join together with like-minded parents to reach new audiences with your message. You can coordinate through a Facebook group, a group chat on a messaging app, or by meeting in person. Together, you can strategize how best to grow the message of school choice.
  • Join community organizations. Seek out grassroots campaigns that support school choice legislation. Facebook is a great place to find these groups, or better yet – start your own!
  • Educate yourself and others. Learn about the different types of school choice programs. From learning pods to voucher programs, school choice is all about variety. Start the conversation about school choice with members of your community. They might have heard misinformation, so take the opportunity to tell them how it serves kids.
  • Make your voice heard. The surest way to expand school choice is to support it. Sign a petition in favor of school choice initiatives we can enact over Governor Whitmer’s veto – and for lawmakers who support them­.

School choice empowers parents and students. By providing more avenues of school choice, every child can get the education that best meets their needs.

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