Michiganders increasingly frustrated with potholes

Michiganders increasingly frustrated with potholes

Whitmer has failed to “Fix the damn roads” as promised

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ran on a promise to “fix the damn roads.” More than three years into her term, many Michiganders are wondering what happened to that promise. The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council estimates that around 40% of Michigan’s roads are in poor shape, which is approximately the same as when Whitmer was elected.

This year’s “pothole season” was reported by some mechanics to be one of the worst they’ve seen. “I’ve been in this business for about 30 years here, I’ve owned shops all over Detroit and this is probably one of the worst years we’ve seen,” said Anthony Tuscano – known as Mr. Pothole – owner of Dearborn Total Automotive Plus. His shops even offer financing programs for the Michiganders who are spending hundreds repairing damage to their vehicle caused by bad roads.

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